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About me

Spirit Love Coach and yoga teacher, 35 years old, 2 children

After a sudden collapse in health, my path led me to the holistic path. At the age of 25, that was the worst that could happen to me at the time. The doctors couldn't help me and I thought "That's about it"

I didn't understand why, I was actually happy ???

Great business, happy marriage, desired child ...

But what made me sick ????

Through deep work it became more and more clear to me that I was no longer myself, I had lived a life that was not mine ..

The life of my in-laws !!!

The way they wanted me ...  

I was far from myself just for someone to finally love me ...

Are you familiar with that?!

Through yoga, detoxification and nutrition, I felt what was burdening my body and turned my life upside down. A "new life" began with power in everyday life instead of weakness!

Today I like to pass on my experiences and show how powerful working on your own energy system can be. After 13 years of yoga experience and several advanced training courses, I developed my own programs that brought great and lasting success.  

More and more, my knack for relationships and true communication showed.  

Now I have been able to accompany people in their partnerships for 10 years and show them a new path!

My qualification


  • 2018 online coaching training at DAJU Spiritbussines

  • December 2017 Training as a singing leader

     Mantra Singing Circle

  • Further training in trauma therapy and SE according to Peter A. Levine

  • Since 2014 certified yoga teacher for Kundalini Yoga of the 3HO Society

  • Has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and individual coaching for partnerships to groups since 2011

  • 2 own yoga centers under my leadership until 2017

  • Yoga teacher at VHS Sinsheim until 2015

  • Coaching training at DAJU

  • Training Tala Yoga 2015

  • Training in universal kinesiology (psychokinesiology and shamanism) at LUMIRA and Lakschria 2007/2008 basis, structure I and structure II

  • Training in Ayurveda Cooking Ayurvedaklinik- Kassel 2013

  • Training in Indian cooking at Restaurant Dhaba and Taj Mahal

  • Operation of own yoga studios in Sinsheim and Ammersee

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